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Are you the next Dr?

My daughter has developed a new obsession with Dr Who. I'm not quite sure where it's come from but I suppose it sits well along side her Marvel and anime obsessions. So there was little surprise when at the end of November 2022 she asked if I could crochet her a Tardis blanket to fit her single bed for Christmas. I mean, of course, who needs months of planning and making, four weeks is more than enough time! I did also have a blanket for my brother in law to make, a few pairs of socks, a pair of slippers and gloves also to make but hey, what else do I have to do!

I found quite a few graphs on Pinterest for the Tardis but nothing quite came out the right size. I've been wanting to try out corner to corner crochet for a while so thought this would be a great chance to give it a go. I practiced the technique and decided double knit yarn on a 3.5mm hook would give a nice tight finish. I use the paid for version of Stitch Fiddle which isn't much money in a year (I can't remember exactly how much) but you do get a few extras such as a size calculator and you can use the colours of specific yarns such as Stylecraft Special Double Knit. So putting in my tension measurements for the amount of squares per 5cm each way the program works out how big your blanket needs to be for the size you want and a blank chart to work from.

Thankfully the Tardis is a nice boxy shape so in no time I drafted the chart. Four weeks almost exactly later the Tardis was finished and yes it fits on the bed perfectly with one very happy daughter. It needed some blocking as it's not as square as I'd like but I'm pretty happy with my first corner to corner attempt, although I have to say bobble stitch for a blanket is still my favourite.


75cm wide by 150cm long / 30 inches wide by 60 inches long

Yarn and Notions:

Stylecraft Special Double Knitting Yarn

5 balls of Lapis

2 balls of French Navy

2 balls of Soft Grey which was my background colour



3.5mm hook, scissors and needle for sewing in ends

This is the tutorial I used to understand corner to corner (US terminology):


And, here's the chart, it prints out onto six A4 pages so you can stick them together. You work diagonally from the bottom right corner. I marked off each 'row' with an ever increasingly long ruler and a pen.

Dr Who - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 51KB

Happy Crocheting. I'd love to see any recreations so please share either direct or via social media adding me @bluebird_and_daisy on Instagram or @bluebirdanddaisy on Facebook :0)

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