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Birthday Cake!

Apparently you can have birthday cake any day of the week or year and no one checks if it is actually your birthday. Well today I don't need to worry about the birthday cake checkers because it is my birthday!

So with birthday in mind I thought I'd make myself a slice of cake. Being a coeliac finding good cake that's not dry and crumbly is a revelation. I do like a good Victoria Sponge or chocolate cake. So to avoid disappointment I thought I'd crochet a cake so here it is.

Worked from the top down and then in the round all finished off with either a drippy icing edge or neat top to bottom job with extra bobble icing. Just the one candle of course, I would have to make a significantly bigger slice to get them on all this year.

So if you fancy making cake for a lasting gift for someone (it doesn't have to be their birthday), here's a link to the paid pattern over on Ravelry. There is also an additional discount to commemorate my birthday with 45% off for the next week using code Birthday45.

Have fun!

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