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Cadgwith Cardigan

I am super proud to be able to release another garment pattern. The things I learnt in the tech edit course with Carol Ibbetson last year really has propelled me forwards with confidence into the knitwear design world.

This cardigan started from my research of Cornish Gansey knit stitches which were used in the fishermen jumpers from around the coastline of Cornwall. My Sea to Mill scarf contained several of these stitches. I wanted to reuse the Lizard Lattice and thought it would look fabulous on the body of a cardigan with a repeat on the sleeve. It's a simple knit and purl pattern but it looks more complicated than that, which must be a win.

I had seen the balloon sleeve on jumpers and cardigans and loved how it provided a real something to a simple cardigan design. I had to then find the yarn. Yarn to me drives what the final design will look like, the colour and feel of the yarn generally lends itself for a particular thing. I've used James C Brett Double Knit Merino a few times before. I love it for it's softness and drape. The green colour I went for isn't a solid colour, unfortunately the photos don't do it justice. It's mottled with specks of blue and red from the dye and spin process so it's not a flat colour.

Despite my confidence I did not feel quite ready to do a pieced garment (that one is on the needles at the moment) so went for my fail safe of a top down construction, going back and making the sleeves before picking up for the collar. Now, I never do up a cardigan with buttons but thought not everyone is me so designed it with instructions for button holes or without. It is a bit short in the body, just over a cropped length but there is instruction before the pattern how to length, the same for the sleeves. I like a sleeve to sit on the wrist bone, some like the longer. All I know if its too long I'll get it mucky draping it in food, washing up and the like!

I had worn this cardigan quite a bit before releasing it on 28 October. I had such great comments from both kind family members but from people I didn't know either. That is always such a confidence boost that you've created something that not just you like.

The pattern is over on Ravelry. I've had to make it a paid one, really because of the time taken to get it to publishing stage. I have again had the fabulous Megan at Calm House Crafting as my technical editor to ensure that the nine sizes work. I have to say, sitting here looking at it, I really do love the collar, I'm going to have to do that again in something else.

The front page of the listing give you all the information you need about sizes and yarn quantities so you can work out the cost of making the cardigan before buying the pattern. To me, that is important. I have bought lots of patterns in the past only to then find out the yarn quantities or something about it that means I end up not making it. If you have any questions about the pattern please just ask me.

So, what's next?

Well I have the never ending saga of my husband's The Kings' Man inspired jumper being partially reknitted. This will become a pattern, yes a full men's pattern in five sizes with back, front and arms knitted separately and sewn together. I just have to summons up the umph to get it finished.

I also have a unisex jumper again knitted separately and sewing up with a bit of Gansey inspired stitch work on the sides and arm with a simple collar finish. I had worked this one all out and had started before we realised the husband's jumper just wasn't right. Did I mention that I had sewn the whole thing up only for on fitting the sleeves were a bit tight and needed to be longer and the cable pattern needed to go further down the back and chest .... nothing an after thought safety line, frogging and reknitting can't sort out. Can you guess I'm just a little annoyed by it. Oh well, the joys of knitting and designing, love it really and the jumper will look amazing once done.

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