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Christmas Gonk is ready for your tree

Here’s Christmas Gonk and he’s ready to adorn your tree’s this year. I enjoyed making a clutch of gonks last year with A Christmas Carol theme and have wanted to replicate a one with my own design twist.


The pattern is written in US terminology and is an amigurimi so worked in single crochet in continuous circles for the body. Use a marker or piece of yarn to move up each round to keep your place.

Yarn and Notions

Double knitting yarn (light worsted / 8 ply) in your chosen colours, I’ve used Stylecraft Special Double Knit in Lipstick (red) and Cream with a little Peach for his nose.

3mm (US F/6) hook

Small amount of stuffing and a darning or tapestry needle

Optional sewing thread to attach the hat to the body and a thread and bead for hanging


Gonk measures 10cm / 4 inches from base to top of his hat and at his widest part of the beard is 6 cm / 2.5 inches.


ch – chain sc – single crochet

sc2tog – single crochet two stitches together to create a decrease

slst – slip stitch

*____* - repeat instructions between marks for the entire round, unless otherwise instructed



1. ch3, slst, then working in the loop OR ch2 and working in the first chain OR create a magic loop, in your chosen starting point, sc 6

2. 2sc in each st – 12 sts

3. *sc, 2sc* - 18 sts

4. *sc 2, 2sc* - 24 sts

5. *sc 3, 2sc* - 30 sts

6-13. sc (8 rounds in total)

14. *sc 3, sc2tog* - 24 sts – end yarn and put to one side


1. ch2 and working in the first chain OR create a magic loop, in your chosen starting point, sc 3

2. 2sc in each st – 6 sts

3. sc all sts (and in all following alternative rows)

4. *sc, 2sc* - 9 sts

5. sc

6. *sc 2, 2sc* - 12 sts

7. sc

8. *sc 3, 2sc* - 15 sts

9. sc

10. *sc 4, 2sc* 18 sts

11. sc

12. *sc 5, 2sc* - 21 sts

13. sc

14. *sc 6, 2sc* - 24 sts

15. sc

16. *sc 7, 2sc – 27 sts

17. sc

18. *sc 8, 2sc – 30 sts

19. sc

Change to white – for a jogless join - Begin colour change the stitch before the new round and begin sc into next stitch. Stop halfway through, leaving two loops on your hook, drop the working yarn and yarn over with new colour (white) yarn, pulling the new colour through two loops on your hook.

20. change to white - *sc 9, 2sc* - 33 sts

21. *sc 10, 2sc* - 36 sts – slst into the next two stitches and end yarn


See the photo for hook placement, hook through the top of the body your beard colour.

Ch10, then working back along the chain from the second loop, 3sc in each with one sc in the final ch. Slst into the next body stitch and repeat the curl, completing six in total. Sew in your end.


1. ch2 and working in the first chain OR create a magic loop, sc 4 in your starting point

2. sc2 in each st – 8 sts

3. sc – end yarn

See the photo for nose placement. Sew the bottom of the nose to the top of the body as shown.

Stuff the body and lightly stuff the hat. I prefer to use matching sewing thread rather than yarn as it hides within the stitches for a neater finish, sew the hat to the body. It will overlap at the back and is sewn over the top of the nose.


Making two in body colour, ch7, turn and working down the ch from the second loop, sc to end (6 sts), do not turn, place one sc in the end, then working down the other side of the starting chain, complete sc 3, slst 2 and thread the ending yarn up through the centre to the top. Sew to the side of the body.

Add a thread and bead to hang through the top of his hat.

Further information and Use

I am happy for this pattern to be used to re-create this decoration for sale but not on a commercial level. Please credit me and the source of the pattern in your creations. Thank you!

If there are any issues please contact me via email: or visit my website at

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