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Christmas Crochet Granny Bauble

I have been fortunate enough to have been given the opportunity by Fudges Wool and Haberdashery here in Cullompton to run another workshop. This time crochet granny stitch baubles. Over the space of two workshops, two hours each, we had some fabulous creations made in Sirdar Happy cotton which comes in 20g balls so perfect for little creations with plenty to take home to make some more.

As promised here is the pattern for the bauble. There is a pdf version at the bottom of the post.


The pattern is written in US and UK terminology (noted in blue text) using single crochet/double crochet, double crochet/treble crochet and chain. The bauble is then sewn up with full instructions provided.

Yarn and Notions

Double knitting yarn (light worsted / 8 ply) - I have used acrylic yarn, if using cotton you may need to go down a hook size to reach the measurements of the first three rounds to ensure a good fit.

4mm (US F/6) hook

Darning or tapestry needle

Optional thread and bead for hanging


Instructions provide covers for an 8cm and 6cm bauble.


ch – chain

dc / tr – double crochet / treble crochet

sc / dc – single crochet / double crochet

slst – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch(es)

(_____) – all stitches within the brackets are completed in the same space or stitch as instructed

Pattern Notes

As you complete rounds 2 to 4 check your diameter (the measurement across your crochet) to check against the measurements given to ensure your finished piece will fit. You may need to go down a hook size especially if you are using cotton mix or cotton yarn.

Colour is changed for each round of the bauble.

Stitch count is for the entire round. A ch3 start is treated as a dc/tr, for the stitch count.


1. Either create a magic circle OR ch4, slst into the start of the chain OR ch2 and work in the first ch on the hook

2. Ch3 (dc/tr) into your starting point, dc/tr 11, slst into the top of the starting ch – 12sts – 3cm / 1 1/8 inch diameter

3. Working between the dc/tr of the last round – (ch3, dc/tr again), 2dc/tr in each space, slst into the top of the starting ch – 24sts – 5cm / 2 inch diameter

4. Working in the space between the 2dc/tr – (ch3, 2dc/tr), work 3dc/tr in each space, slst into the top of the starting ch – 12 3dc/tr 7cm / 2 ¾ inch diameter

5. Repeat round 4

If you are making a cover for a 6cm diameter bauble, stop here and continue to making up below otherwise continue to round 7.

6. Repeat round 4

7. ch1 (not counted as a stitch) sc/dc in the same starting point and sc/dc in all stitches – 36sts and end yarn

Making Up

With right sides facing and both pieces naturally creating a ball stitch the two sides together as shown in the pictures below.

It is like you are zipping up the bauble working from the outside in through both loops alternating from one side to the other, similar to lacing up a corset.

Once you are just over half way around slip the bauble inside its jacket and continue sewing.

Push the hanger of the bauble against the point you started sewing and continue stitch until you reach it, ending you yarn around the stitches at this point.

Further information and Use

This pattern is available for free with the workshop. I am happy for it to be used to re-create these decorations for sale but not on a commercial level. Please credit me and the source of the pattern in your creations. Thank you!

If there are any issues please contact me via email: or visit my website at

And here's the pdf version

Granny Bauble
Download PDF • 853KB

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