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Day One, Blog Post Number One...They are Among Us

Well I've finally got around to doing

this, creating a website and blog that in time can expand to somewhere you can find all my patterns, free and paid, together with ramblings on how my design brain works....and look its even a .com!

I'll do an about me and introduction later but thought I'd start with my most recent creation.

Each year my daughters school has a Christmas lunch where the inevitable Christmas jumper has to be worn. This year, because of the current restrictions, there are now two Christmas jumper days with a virtual pantomime being shown in the classrooms that also requires said jumper to be worn. Wanting to create something that no-one else would have the idea came about of an 'Among Us' creation. For those that are not in the know Among Us is an online game where you become one of these funny colourful characters and have to work out who is the imposter and is dispatching your fellow players before you get caught yourself. Any how, I wanted to do an applique of a big enough size to fit on a jumper and, yes, you guessed it, I couldn't find one so worked one out myself on Stitch Fiddle.

Here's a link to the paid pattern over on Etsy, this covers the applique and the soft toy (shown below)


Following approval by the nine year old of the household the Among Us character made it to the front of a hand-knitted jumper that my mum made. My mum is amazing and a continued source of inspiration. She is registered blind with around 6% total vision now. She however knits around 50 hours a week, everything from jumpers to blankets, scarves and hats. My daughter gets the benefit of this with one off cardigans and knitwear throughout the year. The jumper took her a few days to make and sew up. I very much hang my head in shame at my inability to sew up knitwear, how she gets it so neat is beyond me and a lesson that she is not quite ready to share with me.

Now, I had made a second Among Us in just one colour without the shading as I wasn't convinced it looked right. Sometimes you have to make a few of one thing to actually see what the finished item will look like. Not liking to waste anything made I created a back using the same chart pattern but without doing the eye in a different colour. Slip stitched it together with a crochet hook, added some stuffing and then a pompom and ta dah....Among Us Squishy too. I am guessing this was ok as it went to bed with my daughter last night which is pretty much the sign of a seal of approval, this is only seconded by a request for another of something, this is however awaited.

Now I'm thinking something Minecraft or Roblox in the same vein....

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