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Everyday Easy Tee

This is starting to become a habit I'm not going to be able to keep up with, releasing new patterns on a Friday. I had a period of mass creativity when it came to knitting, it was like someone turned the light on (that person being Carol Ibbetson at Cool Wool School and her fabulous tech edit and designer courses) so hence all these new things from me. I am still busy designing and creating with my crochet mind switched up with lots of new things to come from there too.

Today it's my first garment design. A simple top down knitted tee using 4ply yarn. I love a top down knitted garment. There is something about how it just appears from a circle of stitches and gives such a neat finish. I designed it to use a skein of beautiful hand-dyed yarn from Siobhan’s Crafts which I bought at the yarn show, Stitch Fest in Totnes, a few years. It has sat waiting for the perfect project but that never came. I decided to team it up with some Sirdar Country Classic 4ply (which comes in some lovely plain colours) and go for a stripe.

The pattern is designed to just keep going in stripes until you run out of your skein, having kept a bit back for the sleeves, but it is entirely up to you how you want to use that skein. The shaping is made with short rows with the raglan sleeve increasing from the neckline outwards before dividing up the sleeves and body. The sleeves then sit around an inch above the elbow. A simple repeat pattern runs down either side of the body and is then incorporated into the bottom hem. It is worn with a positive ease of 5 cm / 2 inches, at the bust, the image shows size 6.

The pattern is available over on my Ravelry Store here's the link:

It's a perfect excuse to use that special 4ply skein you have in something you can wear and really enjoy!

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