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Garter Wedge Shawl

So here we are, another Friday and here in the UK it's the hottest and driest summer we've had for a long time. I remember my summers being like this in the 1980's, where the grass goes brown and crisp and there's talk of hosepipe bans and water restrictions. I love the heat so despite the constant attempt to keep my allotment and home veggies growing I'm loving it.

This shawl was completely inspired by the yarn. I had seen adverts for Hobbii yarn and had looked through their website but hadn't taken the plunge until I bought a few balls of Dream Colour in Crisp Green. I wasn't entirely sure how the colour change would work, whether it was a series of knotted colours together as so often is the case with these colour changing yarns or whether it would be graded. I'll be honest for the price I thought it would be the latter. I was however pleasantly surprised. The wool is beautiful and the colour changing is gradual with the new colour spun in so, as you can see, it flows brilliantly.

I like a wrap and turn technique to create short rows, I think it's termed as German short rows. Anyway I started as you do at the point and created a wedge, then another, then another and before I knew it the shawl was developing into what you see now. The i-cord edge was a given, it just means at least one side of a shawl doesn't curl but the wedge shape meant that neither side did. This design was turning into a happy experiment.

It used two full balls of the Hobbii but there is nothing stopping you from continuing with the formula and adding more wedges. The shawl sits over the shoulders just nicely with a shawl pin to the front to hold it together.

So this happy mistake is a free pattern for you. You can either pick it up from here or hop over to Ravelry and add it to your queue.

Garter Wedge
Download PDF • 1.29MB

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