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Granny Scarf for the Design A Scarf Challenge 2022

Back in July I was approached by the CAL Crochet A Long group to design a scarf for a challenge that would run from September 2022. Being from the UK a scarf to me is something akin to Dr Who so I took the challenge literally. This year has seen an explosion in crochet across the fashion world, particularly the humble but wonderful granny square. I love granny stitch, it’s what my gran used to do to make new cushion covers with her left over 4ply jumper yarns. I knew straight away it had to be granny stitch so I’ve kept it simple and let the yarn do the talking. This pattern will remain free.


Using US terminology throughout with double crochet and chain stitches.

Yarn and Notions:

Yarn: double knit / 3 light weight or light worsted / 8-ply - 880 meters / 970 meters

I used three balls of King Cole Riot Double Knit in shade 3351 Forest. It is a 100g ball with 294 meters / 324 yards and a 30% wool 70% premium acrylic mix.

Hook: 4mm / G-6

Tapestry or darning needle to sew in ends


The scarf measures 28 cm / 10.5 inches wide and 175 cm / 68 inches long


ch – chain

chsp – space created by the chain in the previous row

dc – double crochet

dc3tog – *yarn over, insert hook into the chsp, yarn over and draw up a loop, yarn over pull through 2 loops*, either repeat over the following two stitches as described in row 2 or in row 3 and throughout the pattern repeat twice more all in the same chsp, leaving 4 loops on your hook, yo and pull through all four loops

*_____* - repeat the instructions between

(_____) – work all the instruction in the same chsp


1. ch 81

2. In the 5th chain from the hook, dc3tog over the next three stitches

*skip 2, ch, dc3 in the next ch, repeat 3 times


dc3 in the next, skip 2, ch repeat 3 times

dc3tog over the next three stitches, skip 2, dc3tog over the next three stitches in next*

Repeat * to * three times, omit the last skip 2 and dc3tog, dc in the very last stitch

3. ch3 (creates dc), now working the stitches in the chsp’s across:


*ch, dc3, repeat twice, ch

(dc3 ch2 dc3) ch

dc3, ch, repeat twich, ch

dc3tog in next two chsp (either side the two dc3tog from the last row)*

Repeat * to * three times, omit last dc3tog, dc into the top of the ch3 start below

Continue repeating row 3 working through your yarn to the end.


It is up to you but you may wish to block your cowl for a really neat finish, please refer to the yarn content to choose the correct method. There are lots of tutorials online or enquiry at your local yarn shop.


I am happy for this pattern to be used for personal use only, please do not share or sell on the pattern. I am happy for limited numbers of the finished scarves/cowls to be sold but please credit this original pattern.

I’d love to see what colourways you choose so please share either on Ravelry or social media.

If there are any issues please contact me via email:

CAL Crochet A Long can be found here:

Thank you!

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