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Granny Stitch Stocking

I was on a bit of a granny stitch roll when I designed this one, it seemed to just fall off my hook so I thought it was just right to share it with you for free!


The pattern is written in US terminology. You will need to know how to chain, half double and double crochet. We will work from the toe up in one continuous make working in the round.

Yarn and Notions

Double knitting yarn (light worsted / 8 ply) approximately 15g for the toe and heel with 60g for the remainder of the stocking. I used a variegated yarn cake and a plain cream

4mm (US F/6) hook

Darning or tapestry needle


The stocking measures 38 cm / 15 inches from top to bottom and is 14.5 cm / 5.5 inches across the top with a hanging loop.


ch – chain

dc – double crochet

dc2tog – double crochet the next two stitches together

hdc – half double crochet

slst – slip stitch

st(s) – stitch(es)

*_____* - repeat instructions between the stated number of times

Pattern Notes

A ch3 at the start will always be dealt with as a dc stitch in counts and working into on the next round.

At the end of each round slst into the top of the starting chain, then slst into the gap between the last and first 3dc’s and ch3, which will create the start of the next round of granny stitches and the first stitch in that round or in that cluster of 3.


1. Starting with your toe colour, ch4, slst, then working in the loop OR ch2 and working in the first chain OR create a magic loop, ch3 and work 14 dc into the starting point – 15 sts

2. 2dc in each st – 30 sts

3. *dc, 2dc* - 45 sts

4. *dc 4, 2dc* - 54 sts

5-7. dc

Change to stocking colour

8. *3dc in next stitch, skip 2* - 18 3dc granny stitches

10. *3dc* in each gap

11-21. repeat round 10, 12 rounds in total, do not cut the stocking colour as we will pick it up again

22. Heel, start the heel on the first of a 3dc cluster two clusters away from where you ended, remember your ch3 start is the first dc, dc across the row below with 20 more sts – 21 sts – across 7 3dc granny stitches

23. Turn, dc 9, dc2tog twice, dc 8 – 19 sts

24. Turn, dc 7, dc2tog twice, dc 8 – 17 sts

25. Turn, dc 7, dc2tog twice, dc 6 – 15 sts

26. Turn, dc 5, dc2tog twice, dc 6 – 13 sts – end heel yarn with a long thread.

Fold the heel in half and with your end sew the seam down ending off your yarn.

27. Following the images below we are going to work across the heel and rejoin to the main body of the stocking – pick up your stocking colour and commence this row as previously instructed.

When you get to the heel:

  • dc into the space between the last 3dc before the heel and 2dc into the side post of the first dc of the heel

  • skip the next side post, 3dc in the next side post, repeat once more to bring you to the seam

  • 3dc in the next side post after the seam, skip the next and 3dc in the next, repeat once more

  • 2dc into the side post of the last dc and one dc in the space before the first 3dc of the round below

28-46. Continue as row 10 above until you have completed 18 further rounds from the heel, note the placement on the first of these rounds below.

  • Here's the next round to show how it then fits over, treat the split 3dc either side as one

47-48. Complete two rounds of dc stitches working in the tops of the clusters below to create a cuff.

Hanging loop

Line up where you want the hanging loop with the granny stitches working up from the heel. Pull the yarn through the stitch, ch28, then working back down the ch from the second loop hdc, yarn over and put your hook two stitches up from where you started and pull it through. The loop will sit over a granny stitch and there you are, granny stocking completed!


This pattern is available for free from this page. I am happy for it to be used to re-created these decorations for sale but not on a commercial level. Please credit me and the source of the pattern in your creations. Thank you!

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