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Happy New Sock Year

I ended 2022 in sock knitting mode thanks to the Year of Socks 2023 by Stephen West of Westknits. He is publishing a new (paid for) sock pattern each month with a starter one for December. It was this combined with going away between Christmas and New Year that meant I packed sock yarn and not only finished the Westknits socks but also a pair I started in October and I started a third pair. Needless to say I have the sock knitting bug again.

So these are the Painted Brick Socks by Stephen West, here's the link to Ravelry where you can purchase the pattern. I treated myself to the whole year of sock patterns, there's a new one out today which I can't wait to start.

With all this sock knitting in mind and because it's the start of a whole new year of knitting I'm here to let you guys have not one but two free sock patterns to get the year started. I mean, you cannot beat hand knitted socks, I don't own a shop bought pair any more. I am slowly converting friends so who knows there may be a hand knitted sock uprising in Devon this year! All my sock patterns, so far, as top down with a heel flap and a rounded toe but I'm determined to explore sock construction this year with some alternative heels and toes and who knows perhaps even a toe up construction too.

My first pattern is called Cadgwith. It uses the same stitch pattern as my Cadgwith Cardigan (paid pattern over on Ravelry). The pattern spreads down the front of the sock onto the foot ending just before the toe. In three different circumferences and a link to help with length sizing the pattern has tick off parts so you can keep a check on where you are if you choose to print it out. These would look great in a single colour. I've used West Yorkshire Spinners Signature 4ply Stripped in a rainbow colourway. It's a colour I never get bored of.

And here's the pdf. It's also listed over on Ravelry if you want to add it to your queue (

Cadgwith Socks
Download PDF • 856KB

So with the rain falling heavily as it had done throughout our five nights away between Christmas and New Year and with two pairs of socks finished there was nothing else to do on New Years Day than to cast on a new pair and new design.

The Checkmate socks are also top down with a heel flap and have an 8 stitch check pattern which runs down the outside of either leg down to the foot. Using just knit and purl stitches it's another easy one to get your head around especially as the pattern also has some tick off charts so you can keep a track of where you are.

Now, you might wonder why they are knitted in different colours. Well, I knitted the stripped ones first and whilst the pattern is visible I wanted it to be clearly seen for the purposes of the pattern itself. So using the same colours I knitted the second the other way around with the stripe being there for top, heel and toes and the plain colour every where else. It also meant I used up the entire ball of the plain colour which is always satisfying.

Here's the pdf for the pattern and as with the Cadgwith socks these are also on Ravelry (

Checkmate Socks
Download PDF • 1.12MB

I do realise that Ravelry isn't for everyone and I am currently working on a Payhip account where you can view and purchase my patterns more directly without using the Ravelry platform. I'll keep you posted and add a link here on my blog when it's up and running. I just have to stop knitting socks to find the time to get it set up!

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