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Hearts and Flowers

The 14th of February is looming large and it's that time of year that you either love or hate. Valentines. The commercialism of needing to send and receive cards, be extravagant for just one day of the year and have that some to be your valentine. I'm very much of the thought that if someone you love cannot surprise you at any point in the year why bother with valentine. I'm very fortunate that my husband will buy a bunch of flowers or some chocolate for absolutely no reason at all.

If I had my way we wouldn't do valentines but I always buy a card and something just in case he does, I suspect that he does the same. I know that this time of year must be difficult for those without someone special in their lives, and I am talking not just a spouse or partner but a special friend or someone that they love in whatever form that might be. Love is such an all encompassing thing and is rarely straight forward. Love is what it means to you as an individual and the person or people you chose to share it with. If it is someone that you just want to remind that you're there as a friend or the biggest love of your life it is at least a good time to perhaps thing about how you feel about the people and animals that interact with your life.

I felt I needed something in my Etsy shop and on Ravelry to mark Valentines and love in general, call it commercial pressure of selling getting to me, but Valentine the Pig made an appearance. He's a pig that's been sat on my shelf for a while along with a highland cow and sheep both still waiting their finalising and testing. Pig however stepped forwards and I thought a heart would suit him just right. He may well make further appearances with other celebratory items, I'm thinking shamrock for St Patricks Day, a birthday hat and/or cake, a crown for the Platinum Jubilee and a santa hat. He could end up with quite the wardrobe.

Valentine is 2 inches tall and 2.5 inches from snout to curly tail. I've made him with Stylecraft Special DK on a 3mm hook, his arms and legs are part of the pattern with the ears, nose and heart added afterwards. As a starter Valentine is a paid pattern available over on Ravelry: I plan to add his various accessories as free patterns here so we can build an army of piggies ready to take on the world and make it a brighter place.

If making one is a step too far or you don't think you'll have time, you can ask me to make you one over on Etsy:

So however or whoever you choose to celebrate Valentines with or take the moment to think about the loved ones around you I hope you have a special day.

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