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Home Stay CAL Part 2

Morning from a very wet and windy Devon. I think I can safely say that winter is definitely here. It feels awful because we just haven't had weather like this so far this year, its all been pretty 'British'. Anyhow, here we are, the second part of the CAL has been released this morning. If you haven't found it already it has its own place under the Crochet Along 2021 tag. It's also over on Ravelry but I'm aware that some people just don't get on with that platform so felt it important to make it accessible here too.

Here's a few photos of where we are at:

I am always amazed how colours can totally change the look of a pattern, I love the blues and the more muted rainbow of the one on the right. I have always shy-ed away from telling people what colours to use where but decided on this one to give a guide of what I had done. I hope that you use it just as a guide and follow what feels good for you. This CAL could be done in a single colour, allowing the textures to talk for themselves or just in two. Please do share what you're making via social media or just a message to me.

For ease of reference if you're catching up or if now you've seen the second part you fancy starting here are the links to the introduction and the first two parts.

Download PDF • 997KB

Part One_FINAL
Download PDF • 2.38MB

Part Two_FINAL
Download PDF • 1.79MB

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