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It's Easter!

Easter is that odd time of year that changes each year, either late March or early April. For a great many people it is about eggs, the chocolate variety and a long weekend away from work.

I grew up going to Church so for me its about Easter Sunday and the period of Lent leading up to that, don't worry I am not going to go into my beliefs, I am very mindful that we all have our own thoughts. That walk through fields of wet grass in welly boots from home, a quick change into shoes and boots stowed away in a bag behind the style before walking up to Church in the village of Lezant in North Cornwall. There would be daffodils with stems wrapped in tin foil to keep them alive to get home and a chocolate egg for the children at the end of the service. So yes, Easter is about chocolate and family but its also about what that resembles in the Church calendar that is also special to me. It is a time of new things. As a farmers daughter March and April brought us lambs on the farm and nature blossoming after a winter of hibernation.

Walking through Cullompton the other week, Spring had definitely sprung and my memories of growing up in the country were recalled. We are fortunate to have an historic building called The Walronds here in Cullompton. It is a beautiful building with a lovely garden that is open nearly every day of the year. It is a bit of oasis away from the busy high street.

This is where this week's pattern came from, new life and Easter all rolled into one. A chick, in a half shell (nothing to do with turtles) but it saved trying to make tricky feet, which in amigurumi can be really awkward to turn right side round and stuff. I'm normally quite good at naming things but I just cannot thing of what this little chap is called, I say chap because I don't think its a chap-ess, perhaps a pink or neutral colour shell would change that.

The pattern for this one is over on Ravelry, its a paid pattern:

Please share any makes on social media or pop me a photo of your finished chap/chap-ess chick.

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