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Monday, socks and new ventures

I've been busy designing and knitting socks playing with different patterns and yarns. Today I've taken the plunge to put up my first paid pattern.

I've been knitting since I was 8 years old being taught by a very patient Gran (mum tried to teach me but failed). Whilst there have been long spells of no knitting I've never forgotten how to knit and purl, perhaps I'm a natural or perhaps I'm just someone who, at times, remembers far too much. I know my Gran would think they were fabulous, a call out to her era of make do and mend. There is nothing like looking forward to having to mend or darn a hand knitted sock, for me it gives the opportunity to embellish further and make that yarn last even longer. For my feet there is no doubt that knitted socks last way longer than shop bought, no two are the same either.

The whole pattern selling side of Bluebird & Daisy has been sitting there like a devil on my shoulder poking me and saying 'go on, you know you are good enough', but there has and still is the other side who is cautious and just not confident in my ability. Anyway today was the day I decided, lets give it a go. I've got quite a few patterns piling up for release so the first sock one is out there. I've also gone and shared some patterns over to LoveCrafts too as I know some people struggle with the colours and format of Ravelry. I want to make sure that my creations are available to everyone who wants to give them a go. As soon as LoveCrafts has me all set up I'll add the link below. In the meantime here's the Ravelry link, its just £2 for the pattern which has tick off boxes for the rows so you always know where you are. There are three different circumferences and instructions for four UK shoe sizes, size 5 to 8 with signposting and instructions for longer and shorter feet.

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