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Mother's Day Heart Pop

I did not know what these were called until I posted them on a fabulous crochet Facebook page. I was calling them hearts on sticks but apparently they are heart pops, as in cake pops but not edible.

So here is my free pattern for a heart pop. They are designed to tuck into a bouquet, posy or potted plant so that the person receiving it has something long lasting once the flowers or plant are no more. They are not just for Mothers or for Mothers Day but can be just an added little something for a friend or loved one.

You will need:

Double knitting yarn (I used Stylecraft Special Double Knit)

3mm crochet hook

Darning needle to sew in end

bamboo skewer cut to 15cm / 6 inches long

PVA glue

Abbreviations (US terms)

ch - chain

sc - single crochet

dec - sc 2 stitches together

*___* repeat instructions between to end of row


Working in continuous rounds, stitch count per round

  1. ch2, in the second ch, sc 6

  2. 2sc in each stitch - 12sts

  3. *sc, 2sc* - 18sts

  4. sc

  5. sc

End yarn leaving a long tail, make a second, do not end yarn and continue:

We are going to join the two tops of the heart together.

Slip stitch into the stitch next to the end of the round of the first top (above), sc 15, skip the next three and hook into the second top, 3 stitches away from the start (below), sc 15 - 30sts

We are back working in continuous rounds:

  1. sc

  2. sc (using the long end from the first top, sew the gap created by the three skipped stitches together on the inside)

  3. *sc3, dec* - 24sts

  4. *sc2, dec* - 18sts (stuff heart at this stage)

  5. *sc, dec* - 12sts

  6. dec six times - 6sts

End yarn with a long end.

With your skewer dip the end going into the heart in PVA glue and push into the heart through the opening. With a darning needle thread the end yarn and slip stitch through the remaining six stitches around the stich and pull tight, ending yarn securely.

And there you have it, a heart pop! You could embellish with beads or buttons or add a tied ribbon to the stick.

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