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New Service - Tech Editing

In September I stumbled across a Facebook advert for an Introduction to Tech Editing Course run by Carol Ibbetson at Cool Wool Designs. I had no idea what this was but knew that I wanted to expand Bluebird & Daisy to try and make it more than a hobby that had gotten out of control. So I signed up.

The week long course gave a brilliant introduction to knitting tech editing. This is where you go through a pattern by a designer checking its layout, stitch count, rows, patterns, schematics and yarn amounts to make sure it actually works. I was hooked by the end of it and it was no brainer to go on and do The Profitable Knitter Course with Carol too. The whole of November was dedicated to weekday Zoom meetings where we learnt about charts, calculating widths and lengths, Pythagoras for shawls, working out areas of garments so that the amount of yarn could be calculated, how to follow a style guide and doing complete edits of patterns for garments and accessories. It was an intense four weeks but I am so proud to say I did it. I finished the course and now have a brain full of information and skills that I want to use.

So, if you are designing and selling knitting patterns, are they the best they could be?

Do you have a consistent style so that your followers know immediately that it’s your pattern?

Do you get queries from tester knitters and/or the people buying your pattern about stitch counts, rows or pattern repeats?

Is there really going to be enough yarn to make the item in all the sizes you want to?

As a Tech Editor I can help you with all of this so that your pattern stands out as being accurate with a great flow.

I offer a knitting tech editing service that includes checking the pattern, chart and schematics to make sure it turns out as you envisaged it would for all the sizes. I can help in creating charts and also calculate the yarn amounts based on just a single sample size.

I have a real eye for detail, being a designer myself and also from previous careers in law. I will work hand in hand with you to present your design in a logical way which really reflects who you are as a designer.

I am happy to check all garment types, accessories and toys.

So please contact me so that we can discuss what you are looking for and so I can give you a quote.

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