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Patrick the Pig is ready to Party

My piggy obsession seems to be travelling with me though this year. I thought it would be just Valentine but it transpires that Pig is quite the traveller and loves a good party. So here he is, all ready for St Patrick's Day with his shamrock and either his Guinness or Leprechaun inspired hat.

Patrick is based on Valentine, paid pattern available here on Ravelry. His hats and shamrock are available for free right here.

You will need:

2.5mm hook

White, black, yellow (gold) and green double knitting yarn

Darning/tapestry hook to sew in those ends

Abbreviations in US terms

ch - chain

dc - double crochet

sc - single crochet

slst - slip stitch

st(s) - stitch(es)

*____* - repeat instructions between


Using green, ch2, in the second chain, (ch3, dc , ch3, slst into chain), repeat three more times and end your yarn.

Guinness Hat

Worked in a continuous round

  1. In white, ch2, in the second chain, sc6

  2. 2sc in each st - 12sts

  3. *sc1, 2sc in next st* - 18sts

  4. *sc2, 2sc in next st* - 24sts

  5. Working in the back loop sc

  6. Repeat 5 above.

  7. sc - change to black at the end of the row

  8. *sc2, 2sc in next st* - 18sts

  9. sc

  10. sc

  11. sc

  12. Working in the front loops, *sc2, 2sc in the next st* - 24sts

  13. *sc3, 2sc in the next st* - 30sts

  14. *sc4, 2sc in the next st* - 36sts

End yarn and sew in ends. I used a very small amount of stuffing before putting the hat on the Pig but it works just as well without.

Leprechaun Hat

Repeat the instructions for the Guinness Hat but make it entirely in black. Change to gold for rounds 10 and 11 before changing back to black for the last 3 rows of the pattern.

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