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Superhero's are Go

Where it all began…..back in the mists of time that is 2018...

I have a fabulous local yarn shop (Fudges Wool and Haberdashery in Cullompton) whose owner, Cara, comes up with some fantastic window display ideas for the various town competitions, fairs and festivals. I’ve made a rainbow unicorn head, the Queen’s coronation crown and Ratty from Wind in the Willows rowing a boat, as you do, so when the theme of Superhero’s came up for the Cullompton Festival Window I was not surprised.

I’ve loved the bobble stitch for some time having made a few other blankets and cushions with it. It creates such a nice thick fabric that no backing is needed.

This blanket consists of 9 squares, each measuring 10 inches square so they are really flexible to make into cushions as individuals with a border.

If you go for the blanket it measures 33 inches square which is perfect for the little or big Superhero in your life to keep their knees warm in the winter.

The pattern and the graphs are free, I just really enjoyed designing it and wanted to share it. It has been hiding over on my Facebook page under a closed group as I cannot list it on my Ravelry page because of the logos used. So, now this blog is up and running and I post it all here so its a bit easier to find and access.

So here is the instructions file with details of what you need and links to making the bobble stitch.

Download PDF • 1.65MB

And here are the individual squares with their charts. I use Stitch Fiddle which is an online design program with great free version which all of these were done on. I've recently upgraded to the premium edition so that I can do more with the charts and write ups but the basic is very good and user friendly.

The Batman and Superman logos are not mine, the wonderful Emily at Pixel Perfect Crochet has kindly said I can share them with you. You’ll need to hop over to her page to pick up the graph. She does hers in the corner to corner method which is also detailed there. Here are the links:



Thank you Emily!

Ironman - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 75KB
Wonder Woman - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 77KB
Green Lantern - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 78KB
The Flash - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 76KB
The Hulk - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 74KB
Spiderman - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 76KB
Captain America - Stitch Fiddle
Download PDF • 76KB

This blanket has no links to Marvel or DC Comics and is my own interpretation of their fantastic logos.

I am happy for this blanket and the individual squares to be made for personal use or for items to be sold. A lot of hard work, coffee and swearing goes into designing, testing and writing patterns so please credit this blog and me with its origins....thank you!

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