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The Home Stay CAL has a new home

I'm having a tidy up and sort out of my website and thought it was about time the Home Stay Crochet Along (CAL) from 2021 had it's own post that links nicely up with the photo of it in my crochet pattern page. So here it is. I designed this CAL during the first lockdown and it really did keep me going. I love a rainbow and it's a range of colours you just can't go wrong with in my view. So here are all the parts, all free and all for you to create your own version. I'd love to see the colours you choose.

Download PDF • 997KB
Part One_FINAL
Download PDF • 2.38MB
Part Two_FINAL
Download PDF • 1.79MB
Part Three_FINAL
Download PDF • 1.37MB
Part Four_FINAL
Download PDF • 1.16MB
Part Five_FINAL
Download PDF • 1.17MB
Part Six_FINAL
Download • 985KB

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